ESL Townhouse

Apartments for International
Visitors to Boston


2019 Prices

Shared Apartment

  • $335 Double Rent per week (per person)
  • $500 Single Rent per week
  • $670 Large Single Rent per week

Studio Apartment

  • $800 Studio 1 Rent per week
  • $800 Studio 2 Rent per week

Click here for information on The Quarter Special or click here for information on an Academic Year Booking.

For All Reservations

  • There is a one-time Move-in Fee of $200
  • Reservations are from Saturday to Saturday
  • Minimum reservation is 4 weeks
  • There is a Late Night Arrival Fee for residents whose transportation (flight, train, bus) is scheduled to arrive in Boston late at night:
    • If scheduled to arrive between 9:30PM and 11PM, the fee is $50.
    • If scheduled to arrive after 11PM, the fee is $100.
  • A refundable security deposit of $200 cash is due on arrival

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