ESL Townhouse

Apartments for International
Visitors to Boston


Availability (Reservations are from Saturday to Saturday)

  • Currently: open availability in all options, except Studio 2 Apartments, which have very limited availability to May 18, 2019.

Reservation Conditions

  • For reservations of 4 weeks, payment in full is required
  • For reservations of 5 weeks or longer, payment of the Move-in Fee and the first 4 weeks of rent is required
  • Reservations are from Saturday to Saturday
  • Minimum reservation is 4 weeks.

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2019 ESL Townhouse Application (pdf)

Pre-Arrival Date Cancellation Policy (valid until 5PM the day before the reservation start date)*

  • Move-in Fee is non-refundable
  • Rent refund:
    • All weekly rent fees are refundable with greater than 30 days’ notice of cancellation
    • With 15 to 30 days’ notice, the first week of rent is non-refundable
    • With less than 15 days’ notice, the first two weeks of rent are non-refundable

Post-Arrival Date Cancellation Policy (valid from 5PM the day before the reservation start date)*

  • Reservations of 4 weeks: No refunds are possible
  • Reservations of 5 weeks or longer: Refunds are possible with 4 weeks advance notice

*All refundable fees are subject to the bank charges if refund is by wire transfer.

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