ESL Townhouse

Apartments for International
Visitors to Boston


 ESL Townhouse is pleased to offer the following specials:

  • The Quarter Special
    • Book 12+ consecutive weeks starting between the first Saturday in January and the first Saturday in June.
    • Pay the Move-in Fee and the first 12 weeks of rent at booking; the next 4 weeks of rent on arrival and every 4 weeks after that until paid in full.
    • Early cancellation is possible with 12 weeks advance notice.
    • Save 25% on rent for Doubles, Singles and Large Singles and save 12.5% on rent for Studio 1 and Studio 2 Apartments.
  • Long-Term Specials
    • Half Year Special:
      • Book 24+ weeks and the last 2 weeks are free.
    • Academic Year Special:
      • Book 36+ weeks and the last 4 weeks are free.
    • Full Year Special:
      • Book 52+ weeks and the last 7 weeks are free.
    • Winter Semester Special:
      • Book 16+ weeks and the last 2 weeks are free.
    • Winter Half Year Special:
      • Book 24+ weeks and the last 3 weeks are free.

Additional Details for the Long-Term Specials:

  • Weeks counted towards the total must be consecutive.
  • Extensions made within the first two weeks of a stay will be counted towards the total.  All extensions are dependent on availability at the time of the extension request.
  • Reservations may still be cancelled with 4 full weeks advance notice.
  • The value of the free weeks is equivalent to the lowest value of room/apartment type booked during the stay.  For example, if some weeks are booked in a Double and some weeks in a Single, then the free weeks are for a Double or the Double value could be used as a credit towards a Single.
  • Free weeks are not cumulative between specials.
  • Additional notes for the Winter Semester and Winter Half Year Specials:
    • Reservations must start by the last weekend of January or earlier.
    • Only weeks in the new year are counted.  For 2019, weeks booked are counted from January 5, 2019.
    • The 16+/24+ weeks must be booked by the last Friday in January.  Extensions made after the last Friday in January do not retroactively qualify for the special, even if the total time reserved is 16/24 weeks or more.

For questions about the special or availability, please contact us.

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